written by Master David MacSporran – 8th Dan blackbelt – Owner Mordialloc Martial Arts

… Night Club Secutiry continued …

I must have impressed the bosses because they wanted me to do more shifts and was promoted to Street Supervisor.

A Street Supervisor is one who looks after various clubs on a particular street. I carried a radio and if there was trouble in one particular Club I would provide backup.  Clarendon St in Sth Melbourne was my first role and we had very little trouble. Collingwood players used to visit the Clarendon Hotel after games so I got to know a few of them.

Next I was placed in Swan St, Richmond. A much rougher  crowd than Sth Melbourne. Pubs such as the Depot and the Swan and two in between. The Swan would have one major fight a night. I remember I was on the door just before closing when this group of young blokes came to the door. “Sorry guys, we are just about to close”. “we just want a quick drink,” … That’s when one of their party pushed my partner and it was on.

5 vs 2 front-door security guards. I somehow got into a single fight with this little guy, He threw punches like he knew how, then he hit me, flush in the mouth. Best left jab I never saw coming. Then he ran, and I chased him. Straight across Swan St. He stopped and we faced up again.  I threw a front kick at him, which he backed away from. That was the first and only kick I ever threw whilst working on a door or security inside a venue.

I turned to check on the other guard on the door. He was on the ground and the other two creeps were kicking into him. I turned and ran straight at them, taking both out with a flying tackle. All three of us went down. Just then the other guards from inside come out and formed a cauldron around us as the other two ran away. My poor partner spent the next two days in the Alfred with a broken eye socket.

It was suddenly real. No one holding an arm out to let you do a move on them. These were people trying to hurt you. I guess I got the action I was looking for.

written by Master David MacSporran – 8th Dan blackbelt – Owner Mordialloc Martial Arts

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