written by Master David MacSporran – 8th Dan blackbelt – Owner Mordialloc Martial Arts

… Night Club Secutiry continued …

Things were going along smoothly.  Had the odd scuffle but I found that I could talk down any aggression that came my way.  Maybe it was my older look, maybe it was my 6 foot frame, maybe my calming misdemeanour. The next few weeks I had little trouble.

The most fun I had was one evening when a Russian male decided to dance with out his shirt on. Whether he couldn’t understand me or was just ignoring me … but he refused to put it back on. After numerus requests for him to do so, he still refused to do shirt-up. I had no option, but to ask him to leave.

He resisted that also , so I had to bodily remove him. Put him a nice little lock and I said to my self. “that works.”

It was an effort to get him through the doors and out on to the street. Once there I said to him  “if I let you go, will you behave?”.  “Yes. Yes anything,  just let me go”  he yelled in a little bit of pain. .

I let him go and immediately he started threatening me, yelling at me what he was going to do to me. He got right in my face and I just dropped him. Pinned him to the concrete in a hammer lock. Again he screamed to be let up and that he would behave. Ok up for a third chance. This time her swung a punch at me which barely missed. I picked him up bodily and dropped him on the bonnet of a car parked out side the club. I told him I was getting sick of this and starting pushing him down the street. He must have decided that he had enough and ran for it.  I thought, that’s the last I’ll see of him.

It was great fun, Tried a lot of moves I had never done out side the Dojang. (Training Hall) Some worked, some didn’t, but it was a great learning curve.

Two funny stories came out of this. About 30 minutes from my friend leaving, some patrons came up to the Club saying that there was a major fight outside one of the venues down on Fitzroy Street where this skinny guy with no shirt on had just beaten up three security guys and been arrested by the Police.  Maybe I should take up Security training.

The second funny story came about later in the night when it was my time on the door.  The new looking Black Audi whose bonnet I dropped the Russian Gentleman on had a great big dint where our friend’s bottom had crashed down. I hadn’t seen it earlier in the night. Very obvious now that I looked. About half an hour later two blokes came walking up the street, jumped into the Audi and drove off. I wonder when they discovered the dint.

That will teach them to park out side a night club. 

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