written by Master David MacSporran – 8th Dan blackbelt – Owner Mordialloc Martial Arts

… continued …

Saturday was horrific from the outset. Again a midnight start but there were a couple of “Hens” groups in and the place was pumping. I was inside this time, just walking around but no trouble was happening, yet.

Suddenly the sound of glass smashing somewhere near the dance floor. The fight was on.

Two girls from the same Hens group were on the floor of dance floor going hammer and tong at each other.  If you haven’t ever had to separate two young ladies fighting each other you haven’t seen any thing. I certainly hadn’t.   I grab the girl on top and pulled her off the other girl. No sooner had I done that the other girl was up and throwing punches, using finger claws and throwing kicks. I was holding one in my right arm and the other in my left. I copped numerous punches, scratches and slaps as they both turned on me.

Thankfully the other guard from outside arrived and took one off my hands. Still struggle and screaming “get your filthy hands of me” and other expletives, we got them out of the venue.

Outside they were the best of friends expecting to be let back in. Sorry no. The “Hen” came out pleading it was a big mistake over nothing, it wont happen again and she will look after them. Sorry Love as I showed the scratches down my face.  “They are not coming back in.” As expected they all left. Thank Goodness the owner wasn’t there because he would have them let them back in.

So, my first major fight as a security guard was against two females.  I would prefer to battle a nest of Rattle Snakes than to go up against half pissed females.

The rest of the weekend finished with little drama but it was an experience.

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