written by Master David MacSporran – 8th Dan blackbelt – Owner Mordialloc Martial Arts

After gaining my Black Belt in the middle of the 1990’s … I began to think “does this stuff really work”.

Yes, we are really good on the training floor … but would it really work on the street?

In our East Bentleigh Dojang under GJN Geoff, we were lucky to have a number of members who did security part time on the weekend. They use to regale us with story’s of full on punch on’s or how they removed drunken patrons would didn’t want to go.

In 2000 I went and got my Security Licence. Three nights of two hours in a class room and $175 later I had my licence.

My first assignment was standing at a toilet door at a year 12 formal making sure that the girls didn’t take glass into the toilets. I was then promoted to the dance floor doing the same thing.

No glass on the dance floor.  No fights. And no drunken bar fights.  It was simply five hours of standing around. How easy was this!?

But it wasn’t what I was after.

After an outstanding effort standing around at that year 12 formal, I progress to the Sunday night over 40s night, commonly called “Grab a Granny” … Nothing exciting there.

I then got a call from the boss who wanted me to go and clean up a Club in St.Kilda. They needed an “older” presence to control a younger crowd which the present Security couldn’t handle.

It was with a little trepidation and faced up for my first shift. Midnight to 5.30am Friday and Saturday. There was another guard there as well. Ron was an ex-soldier, that made me feel better having him around.

Midnight came, the DJ fired up, the Rope to control the crowd at the entrance was set up. The Cashier was ready as they charged from midnight. Clickers to count the numbers in and out were ready.

Here we go.

I was put on the door first up. The Boss of the venue said “just let them all in, no questions” I asked “what if their drunk” He said “let them in, get their money and the guard inside can then throw them out.

We were sent to clean up the venue, not make it worst, so I didn’t follow his instructions. It was pretty quiet for the first couple of hours. I knocked back a couple of drunks, who went away without any fuss.
Venues closed in the area at 3 a.m., we remained open, they converged on us. There could be 100 people trying to get in. One bloke pushed his way to the front and demanded to be let in. Big boy, long straggly hair, threatening eyes, open shirt, no shoes. “ok” I thought this is it. I asked him “ excuse me sir, how
much have you had to drink tonight?” “couple of beers only” he replied. Screwing up my face I said “ I think it has been a lot more than that.” From that he started yelling and commenced to push through the ropes attempting to pick up the heavy pole at the same time.

My first confrontation and I’m going to get a pole through my head. But the guy couldn’t lift the pole. Erhard, my good friend and supervisor had his size 15 boot on the pole base and it was going nowhere. The guy had a huge shock when the pole wouldn’t move and he turned to look up at the 6 feet 4inch
Erhard. Erhard just grabbed him and walked him away.

I was ready for him but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. He was bigger than me, more aggressive and looked like he had been in a lot more fights than me. I didn’t have much time to ponder my escape. People poured in and soon it was double the capacity per the Licence. Ron threw a few people out, we
broke up a couple of fights inside and threw out a couple of lovers from out of the toilets.

Suddenly it was all over, at 5.30am we closed the doors and sat down for a
drink. Totally exhausted, I was stuffed. I asked “was it always like this?”

The girl behind the bar replied “This is only Friday night, wait until tonight.”

I Groaned.

But my first night showed me something. The aggressive guy could have been handled better. Not violence but communication.

Bring on Saturday

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