The ideal martial art for all ages.

Taekwondo offers co-ordination and confidence for children, gets teenagers into an activity and helps the flexibility and fitness of adults.

As the premier martial arts in the world today, students learn how to defend themselves in any situation, learn both hand and foot co-ordination and see at an early stage the benefits of the stretching exercises and kicking drills. The kids love the spinning kicks and parents are always amazed at how easily they pick them up. It certainly assists in their learning skills which will be seen in the class room and on the sporting field.

Finally the discipline and leadership skills every one takes away, makes us all better in our daily lives.

Our martial arts classes for children are designed to promote respect, self-discipline, motor skills, focus and confidence. Students in these classes take part in a variety of activities including kicking and blocking, fitness and practical self-defence techniques.

The martial arts classes for teenagers and adults promote fitness, flexibility, self-confidence and provide a sense of self-empowerment.

Students in these classes learn practical self defence, kicking and blocking, as well as breathing techniques and stress release.

The value of Taekwondo for your child

Martial Arts instils a positive attitude, builds confidence and self esteem. It teaches the importance of strong values and good character. It also promotes the desire to learn.  It improves effort and motivation, as well as concentration. Finally it teaches self discipline and respect for themselves and for others.

By embodying these principles in a kids class, we have made a strong commitment to todays youth. Our carefully designed programs for children of all ages will improve your childs performance in other sports as well as improving study habits and increasing overall concentration. In addition to this, by building self confidence and self discipline we are helping young people deal with the many problems they face growing up in todays world, including drugs, bullying and peer pressure.

The beauty of the martial arts is that everyone is involved. Yes,  kids want to play football, basketball or soccer, and so they should. Martial arts teaches them all of the above points, which other sports and activities don’t. This is not a team game where only the best kids get to be involved all the time. It doesn’t matter what your kids ability is, every one gets the same chance. Wait till you see the difference. Martial arts is not an activity to do while waiting for the basketball season to start. It is a life developing  and life determining activity that develops young minds and bodies.

The Kids program focuses on character & physical development, building initiative, leadership & self-defence through awareness and empowerment.

Kids classes can also be family training if parents want to join in.

See what effect Taekwondo can have on your child – read these testimonials from our happy members.

Classes from $70 per month for a single child or $100 for two. Family – $140 per month.

Little Ninja’s – $150 per term

Classes are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 4pm & 5pm and Saturday 10.30am. Age group 5 to 12 years.

Want to talk to know more?  Contact – Master David MacSporran on 0414 227 322