Adult involvement in the martial arts is once again growing.  It’s either to own that exclusive Black Belt, an honour and achievement in its self or to learn how to defend your self as our country becomes more and more dangerous.  At Mordialloc you get both. There is no sport here. From the very first lesson students are given the tools to at least be able to defend themselves straight away.  Added to this the flexibility, coordination and confidence one gains, it becomes a life change more than something to do for a couple of months.

Adult classes start from 15 years to fifty years.

Never to old to start, but easy to sit back and get old.

Classes from $85 per month Contact us today for 4 weeks of free trial lessons.

Classes are Monday & Thursday 6pm & 8pm and Saturday 1pm.

Want to talk to know more? Contact – Master David MacSporran on 0414 227 322