My husband and I knew that the benefits of Taekwondo would be fabulous for children
Even before we had children, my husband and I knew that the benefits of Taekwondo would be fabulous for children. We had heard from many parents and also read of the benefits of Taekwondo. The evidence had said that it can give children a focus, self discipline, fitness and above all respect for others. We enrolled Jack when he was towards the end of his kindergarten year, he was 5 yrs old. He was the sort of child that had heaps of energy and unless it was channeled in the right direction he could get up to mischief. David, Greg and Steven did need to spend half the class telling Jack and some of his mates to keep quiet and follow instructions. I don’t think Master David held much hope of Jack becoming a seasoned Martial Artist. Jack just enjoyed mucking around with the other kids. Jack enjoyed the classes when he first joined but then after about 12-18 months he said he did not want to go anymore. My husband and I made a rule that Jack could play whatever other sport he wanted whether it was Basketball, Milo Cricket or something else, but he had to stick at Taekwondo for now. We both knew that we would see results with Jack and part of the self discipline and values that you learn at this sport is the long term commitment and sticking at it for a long time not just for 1 or 2 terms. Sure kids can try out different sports and see what they like but with Martial Arts we knew it was a longer term commitment, more than a footy or cricket season. Our second son Charlie is at the exact point Jack was a few years ago, he has earned a few belts but is now saying some Monday nights he doesn’t want to go. We have the same rule for Charlie, Taekwondo all through the year but he can choose his other sport himself.
Jack was the first Junior Black Belt at Mordialloc Martial Arts
Some of the benefits we have seen with Jack over the past 7years are amazing. Jack is one of the kids who might not score all of the goals at Soccer or may not make the School swimming squad etc. But Jack is now a Junior Black Belt and that is “his thing”he can be proud of. Jack was the first Junior Black Belt at Mordialloc Martial Arts because of his commitment and dedication, even on Public Holidays and School Holidays he goes along happy to put in every week. He is now a very mature 12year old boy whom takes his Taekwondo seriously and his school work seriously. He really settled down well at school very quickly and I think that Taekwondo had a lot to do with that. Jack’s friends are in awe of him because he is a Junior black belt, and their are people at the club who inspire Jack like Johnny. Jack is hoping he may be able to match his record and be the youngest to reach an Adult Black Belt in a few years. So as parents of three children we would highly recommend Taekwondo for kids, it has heaps of benefits for children and they just see it as lots of fun.

Jack Miller – January 2020

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