Master David MacSporran


8th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo
Sports Coaching Certificate lll
Working with Children Certificate
Certified Practicing Instructor

2022 will see my 30th year in martial arts. A late starter, I commenced in 1992 with my two boys, mainly as support for them but soon grew to love it. Training 6 times a week through the 1990’s we each received our Black Belts in 1996. Mordialloc Dojang started in 1998 and I took over running it in 1999 when Parkdale closed down. I was a second Dan by then and we slowly grew the school to the biggest and best in our Academy. I continued to train with Geoff who was my instructor and do other things outside of our Academy. I loved the weapon side of martial arts especially the Filipino sticks and trained in two different styles over the years, gaining high rank in both. Both Paul and I were promoted up to the rank of Golden Dragon in the mid 2000’s and we gained higher Dan rankings as our experience grew. By 2012 we were promoted to Seventh dan. With Geoff’s death in 2016 his final wish was that Paul and I take over the running of the Academy jointly. With this came promotion up to Eighth Dan. A rank I still hold today.


Instructor Craig Beckman


3rd Dan Black Belt Taekwondo
Level ll First Aid
Working with Children Certificate

Hello my name is Craig Beckman. I began my martial arts journey in 2009 at the original Mordialloc Dojang on Nepean Highway as a means of keeping fit after my team sports ended. When I reflect back I never imagined that I would still be going strong and enjoying it 11 years later. I take great pleasure in seeing some of the teens come through their grades to reach ChoDanBo and eventually full Black Belt.


Instructor Harry Corfield


2nd Dan Black Belt Taekwondo
Level 4 Filipino Sticks
Martial Arts Coaching Certificate - Certified Master Instructor
Certificate lll Sports & Recreation - Martial Arts
Level ll First Aid
Working Children Certificate

My name is Harry Corfield and my martial arts journey started in Primary School where I trained in Boxing, Judo and Wing Chun Kung Fu. During High School I initially trained and competed in Sport Taekwondo before moving to the more traditional Japanese style of Kempo Karate. After getting married and having kids I wanted them to learn martial arts. My son, daughter and myself joined Mordialloc Martial Arts in 2013. This is where we all continued our martial art journey together to become Black Belt instructors.


Instructor Jonathon Marquez


3rd Dan Black Taekwondo
Level 9 Filipino Sticks

Hello my name is Jonathan Marquez. I started training Taekwondo in 1997 as a means to defend myself. My interest in fitness, self-defence, self-discipline, Asian culture and philosophy led me to commence training in martial arts. I have been training at Mordialloc Martial Arts for over 20 years now and my primary disciplines are Taekwondo and Filipino Sticks. Currently I teach Taekwondo, Filipino Sticks and I regularalily assist with Ladie's Kickboxing.


Instructors Pledge Of Responsibilities

  • To Teach,
  • To guide,
  • To Show By Example,
  • To Critique Without Critricism,
  • To Promote Growth
  • To Show Humility,
  • To Communicate.

Students Pledge Of Responsibilities

  • To Train,
  • To Think,
  • To Assist,
  • To Show Respect,
  • To Ask Questions,
  • To Disregard Ego,
  • To Communicate.