The history of Mordialloc Martial Arts...

Submitted by Master David on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 16:06

The history of Mordialloc Martial Arts... Back in 1992 a mad Ninja Turtle fan 8 year old wanted to do martials arts so he could kick like his heroes. We went along to a session at a recommended club on Beach Rd Parkdale where we were made most welcome. Young Greg got into it straight away. I also had younger son Steve with me who wanted to get up as well but was a little bit shy. I said to Steve “ If I get up, will you get up as well?” Steve agreed so the three of us started our martial arts journey on that cold August day in 1992.

Why do we Bow in Martial Arts?

Submitted by Master David on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 19:21

Bowing in any martial art is a sign of respect and should be a sincere slow bow. It is sometimes more disrespectful to bow incorrectly than to not bow at all as this is a sign that you do not understand the reason behind the gesture.
Some martial arts may differ but in Taekwondo you must always be in attention position when you bow. So make sure your heels are together and your hands are placed smartly at the sides of your body.

Stranger Danger: Helping Children Stay Safe

Submitted by Master David on Tue, 11/08/2011 - 20:04

Parents want to protect their children at all times, but they cannot be with them every minute of every day. Children need to learn how to stay safe, be smart, and protect themselves from strangers and abduction when on their own at school, at play, and even at home. Parents can help children learn what to do when in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. The following tips may help parents and children feel safer.